Islāmic Studies

Tafsīr, Hadīth, `Aqīdah, Sīrah, Fiqh, and Tajwīd    

By the grace of Almighty Allāh, Al-ilm produces its own comprehensive and integrated, authentic Islāmic studies curriculum—including the following textbooks:

  • Dīn Essentials: Part 1 encompasses the fundamentals of `aqīdah (creed), the basic fiqh (practical understanding) of worship, manners, supplications, and Muslim character; along with some ahādīth (Prophetic sayings) and virtues included for inspiration and encouragement.
  • Dīn Essentials: Part 2 comprises a vast study of ahādīth (Prophetic sayings), `aqīdah (creed), sīrah (the Prophetic biography), fiqh (Muslim personal law), tajwīd (rules of Qur’ānic recitation), and kabā’ir (major sins).
  • Qur’ān Essentials features key concepts, themes, lessons, supplications, and stories from the Qur’ān; as well as the translation and tafsīr of selected sūrahs.

Qur'ān & Arabic Language Instruction

Qur’ānic Recitation & Memorization:

  • Individualized instruction is provided ​regarding a structured, systematic approach to Qur’ānic reading and memorization, along with tajwīd (practical application of rules of correct recitation).  

Arabic Language Instruction:

  • After proving fluency in reading Arabic text with vowels, students progress to writing and understanding simple sentences—which incorporate basic vocabulary and grammar.
  • Students then progress to formal study of nahw (grammar) and sarf (morphology), along with leveled reading books.


Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education

  • Al-ilm is now an International Baccalaureate (IB) candidate school. The IB is a world-renowned diploma program of a very high standard.
  • Our IB candidacy is for all three programs: Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP), and the Diploma Program (DP).
  • Learning is of a higher level and is transdisciplinary, integrated, project-based, and inquiry-based.

School Improvements


Past: Regular home education or charter school academic programs were used.
Present: Al-ilm is now an International Baccalaureate (IB) candidate school. The IB is a world-renowned diploma program of a very high standard.

Past: Academic instruction was secular and not integrated.
Present: Academic instruction incorporates Islamic values, concepts, and themes. Academic instruction is trans-disciplinary and organized into integrated instructional units.

Past: Foreign language was not a required subject.
Present: Arabic language is required for all grade levels. IB diploma candidates will receive credit for Arabic as an academic subject.

Past: PE was a free period of physical activity.
Present: PE includes structured lessons for physical training and fitness.

Islamic Education

Past: Every student received Qur’ān lessons.
Present: Every student receives lessons for Qur’ān, Arabic language, and Islamic Studies.

Past: Qur’ānic instruction focussed on reading and memorization.
Present: Qur’ānic instruction focuses on reading, memorization, tajwīd, and meaning.

Past: There was an introductory Islamic Studies program which required a further scope and structure.
Present: Al-ilm now has a comprehensive, structured Islamic Studies program. We have published our own customized Islamic Studies textbooks.


Past: Board members included paid employees.
Present: No employee is on the governing board.

Past: Decisions were made unilaterally.
Present: Decisions are based on the Islamic practice of shūrā (mutual consultation).

Past: The president was the highest paid employee.
Present: The president is a patron and not a paid employee.

Past: Financial operations were only conducted by the president and known by him.
Present: Financial operations have a system of checks and balances and are transparent.

Past: The principal did not have a college degree or qualification in the field of academic education.
Present: The principal has a Master’s degree in education, two other university degrees, a certificate in counseling, a teaching credential, and experience in an administrative role within an accredited school.


Past: The outdoors is equipped with a sports ground, a park area, streetlights and security cameras.
Present: The play area has much fewer students at a time and added safety features.

Learning Environment

Past: The school uniform included hijāb.
Present: Hijāb and appropriate gender separation are upheld.


Past: No extra curricular programs were offered.
Present: Multiple extra curricular programs are available.

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